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Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles

Tiling is arguably the most visual aspect in the bathroom, and shapes the style and character you want to achieve.
As a service to our customers who purchase bathroom equipment, can arrange the purchase of your tiles at our trade price from a local national tile retailer saving 20-30% off the RRP. Please ask in-store for details.

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Wall Tiles
These are not only great in your bathroom, or as a splashback in your kitchen, but they can also help make an amazing feature in any room of the house. Choosing lighter tiles can help create the illusion of space, plus any tile you choose will bring texture into your room.

Floor Tiles
The thickest, heaviest and most durable of tiles, floor tiles make a great alternative to solid wood or laminate flooring. Tiled flooring is a great choice if you have allergies, or pets, as dust and hair is easily cleaned away – just sweep or use a vacuum cleaner.

Wall & Floor Tiles
And if you’re looking to create a streamlined and stylish look, opt for matching tiles on your walls and floor. In bathrooms this can create the feeling of a wetroom or a spa.

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Tile Types

Once you’ve decide where you want your tiles, it’s time to think about the style and size of tile you're looking for. Explore how different sizes of tile look together. Our square, rectangular and mosaic tiles can be placed in an infinite number of ways, ensuring that you create a truly unique look, whatever your style.

Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic Tiles

Don’t be put off at the thought of having to tile each small piece individually – mosaic tiles are either fixed to a larger piece of material so that you can lay them in larger groups, or you can get large tiles built to look as though they are made up of smaller ones. Either way, mosaic tiles are just as easy to lay as our larger options.

Have a play with colour and texture
Whatever look you’re going for in your home, our wide range of tiles can help you achieve it. We have glossy, brightly coloured tiles to more natural, matt options, and everything in between. If you’re looking to make a style statement, go for on-trend tiles such as these Underground tiles. Inspired by the look of the London underground, these glossy, rectangular tiles make a striking addition to any room. For a natural look, we have options that replicate marble and stone. Opt for a wooden look without the fuss of the real thing with our wood effect tiles or go for an industrial edge with our concrete tiles.Take a look at our Illusion range - for more inspirational looks.

Border & Feature Tiles
Effortlessly mix around with the colour, size and texture of your tiles with border and features tiles. Add a decorative border tile around the furthest edges of your tiled area, breaking up the uniformity with a different but complementary tile. Border tiling can also be used to mark the end of wall tiling, or to create 'zones' on the floor (in a kitchen-diner, for example). It can be textured or patterned, with some border tiling designed to match co-ordinating features or inset tiles. Feature, or inset tiles, create a focal point - add them to your design in a regular sequence for neat uniformity or sprinkle randomly, depending on the effect you're looking for.

Various Tile Sizes
Tile Sizes

Tile Calculator Conversions Calculator
Tile Calculator
Just fill in the information on the tile sizes you plan to use and click "Calculate". If the area is not rectangular, break it into rectangular sections and calculate each individually.

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